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Five Stunning Activities in Ubud

Five Stunning Activities in Ubud

The kind of place where you don't need a lengthy to-do list is Ubud. There are no "must-do" attractions or activities. A trip to Ubud would be considered successful even if all you did was eat, stroll through rice fields, and perhaps have a massage or participate in a yoga class. However, if you want to be more active, Ubud offers a wide variety of activities to keep you busy.

1. Walk along Campuhan Ridge
Our preferred stroll in Ubud is along the Campuhan Ridge since it offers one of the few opportunities to avoid traffic. Although there are some hills, the hike is straightforward and offers beautiful views of rice fields and a valley below.
Because there isn't much shade, it's preferable to go in the morning or late in the day.

2. The Rice Fields Walk
Another enjoyable stroll is along a flat path across the rice fields in the direction of the farm and café at Sari Organik. Although Sari Organik is no longer open, there are many other cafés along the route where you may have a meal or drink while taking in the scenery.
Try Joglo Organik, Dragonfly Cafe, or Cafe Pomegranate. Just off this road is The Ubud Yoga House, one of my favorite Ubud yoga studios.

3. Practice Yoga
Ubud is yogi utopia for practicing yoga! You can select a class that suits your needs, whether you prefer a vigorous vinyasa or a relaxing yin. By purchasing a cheap multi-class pass, you may easily set up your own yoga retreat there. The Yoga Barn, which offers a wide variety of classes but is highly busy, Ubud Yoga House, and Intuitive Flow are the most popular places to practice.

4. Attend a cooking or art class
Check out these courses in traditional Balinese painting, silver jewelry making, and batik making if you want to pick up some new talents in Ubud. Both adults and families can enjoy them. It included a trip to the market, instruction on how to create offerings, and lots of practical cooking. The supper at the end was excellent, especially the tempeh satay with peanut sauce. They were extremely organized, had a specific vegetarian menu, and were serving vegetarian food.
It's undoubtedly among the top things to do in Ubud.

5. Visit a gallery of art
It's easy to find the art in Ubud. In Ubud, you can go to numerous tiny studios to purchase art or larger art museums to learn about the history of art. Although the architecture at the Antonio Blanco Museum was clearly unusual, the Balinese art at the Neka Art Museum is the most well-known location.

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