Number of prohibitions in Bali

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Number of prohibitions in Bali

Where the earth is stepped, the sky is upheld, that's about when you want a vacation or tour, let alone live somewhere. Of course, this place has a number of rules that are intended for the good of every occupant. Like if you want to come to the island of Bali, whether it is a tourist destination, official visits, work, or study. There are a number of things that you need to know, such as what restrictions need to be considered when you are on vacation on the island of Bali so that things that you should not do or things that are inappropriate can be avoided from happening so that your vacation will be calmer. and comfortable.

This prohibition or restriction applies to all people, not only immigrants or tourists on vacation to the island of Bali, including local residents. There are a number of prohibitions or customary rules that are written in the form of awig-awig which of course customary sanctions also apply.

However, not all rules or prohibitions are written in customary rules, but people believe that something bad will happen to the life of someone who breaks them. For this reason, for those of you who don't know the detailed information about the prohibition, especially those who have never been to Bali

When cuntaka or resentful
Prohibitions or things that are not allowed for women who are menstruating from visiting the holy temple of the temple and also prohibitions for those who are cuntaka, such as a dead family. For those who are cuntaka (resentful) are prohibited from entering the temple area, if it is violated, bad things can happen.

Nyepi Day
If you happen to have a holiday on Nyepi on the island of Bali, then there are a number of restrictions on Nyepi Day celebrations, not leaving the house, turning on the lights, doing activities or making noise if it is violated, you will be subject to customary sanctions which are adjusted to the awig of the Pakraman traditional village concerned. The special treatment is certainly different during an emergency.

Dress to the temple
Prohibition of dressing disrespectfully to temples, many temples in Bali are used as tourist objects, so that many foreigners outside of Hindus who come to visit, for every visitor to a holy place must wear a kamben (cloth) and a scarf tied around the waist. If that is not done, you may not enter or can be reprimanded by the officers or local residents.

Speaking and ethics in holy places
Holidays and tours with an agenda to the temple sanctuary, then refrain from speaking harshly, having bad ethics in the holy place, such as climbing into the pelinggih (sacred building), let alone making trouble, or other disgraceful acts should not be done, because if it is violated it is believed it will have bad consequences and find bad things for your life.

Street etiquette during religious ceremonies
Abstinence from speaking or being rude, such as swearing or honking the horn repeatedly when the road is jammed due to a religious procession, such as Ngaben or Melasti, if you do this it means disrespecting local culture, and it can offend residents.

Stepping on the offerings
While on vacation on the island of Bali, also pay attention when you are traveling, because of the prohibition of deliberately stepping on Hindu offerings such as canang offerings, which are mostly done on the side of the road or on the sidewalk such as in front of stalls, shops or houses. If you accidentally stepped on it is fine, but it would be better to say sorry to the person there or at least apologize in your heart.

Etika asks on the way
Other courtesy, if you ask someone (for example asking for directions), get out of the vehicle and take off your helmet. Because with this you are considered respectful of your interlocutors, and they will be happy to help you so that your vacation during the tour is more comfortable and safe.

Point something
Still, part of manners and manners, avoid showing anything with your left hand let alone showing something with your feet. If you have to point with your left hand because your right hand is holding something you can say sorry or tabik (in Balinese), if that is done the other person could be offended.

Sacred places
Be aware of sacred places such as with the characteristics of a pelinggih (temple building) or signs of offerings such as canang and others, as well as large logs and even stones with twisted cloths, a sign that the place is sacred by residents, for that if you want to pee, you are not allowed to pee in any place while still paying attention to the place is sacred or not.

Holding people's heads
The Balinese believe that this sacredness is above, and the part of the body is considered the holiest is the head, so it is forbidden for them to hold the head or play with it, so avoid holding the Balinese head because it can be very sensitive and make people offended.

Personal identity
Wanting to stay in Bali for a few days, immigrants are required to bring their own identities and report to local village officials, to obtain a KIPEM (seasonal resident identity card). Because if not, the local village officials routinely conduct raids on the immigrant population and impose customary sanctions for those who violate them. Even though at this time the Kipem is no longer valid, but during holidays the identity card is important.

Bathing on the beach
For safety and comfort while on vacation, especially when enjoying beach tourism, it is necessary to pay attention when you take a shower such as at Kuta beach or other beaches on the island of Bali, pay attention to the signs that are installed because of a number of restrictions for visitors to bathe or swim which are marked as dangerous, because if it is violated it can endanger yourself.

Abstinence from a number of temples
For Hindus who want to pray to the Luhur Batukaru temple, it is taboo for children who have not lost their teeth to pray here. Meanwhile, at the Dalem Peed Penataran temple, there is a prohibition against wearing plaid cloth (poleng) because it is considered to have made Ida Bhatara.

Online transportation
There is a ban on online transportation that cannot operate in the Seminyak, Canggu, Ubud area, even Ngurah Rai airport and a number of other tourism places by local transportation entrepreneurs or by local villages, for drivers and potential passengers it is necessary to pay attention to it because if it is violated there is a concern that problems will occur. with local transportation businesses or offline transportation.

Using a camera flash
It is prohibited to use a camera flash when taking pictures in front of people praying or in front of the pastor, including not crossing in front of people who are praying, and it is prohibited to sit higher than the place of offerings and the place of the priest.

These are some of the prohibitions or restrictions that you must obey when visiting and having a vacation on the island of Bali, but according to customs or awig-awig in a Pakraman village, there may be a number of other restrictions imposed.