Carla Spa Sanur

All I can say is keep walking as the biggest mistake walking..My nails badly shaped and it seems there are of very young staff with not much experience.My nails where badly painted and went over the cuticle and when I went outside it locked even worse.The side if the nail wasn't painted to the end.I went back and asked for them to redone. Another woman did them,better job.I had my hands under the dryer for a long time.I was then told they were dry. I went off and in less then an hour 5 of my nails had marks in them and I could not walk around like that. I went somewhere else and asked if they would take the nail polish off and re paint. I had to pay again to have it fixed.Not a good job..both my hands and feet they use a tiny metal file..most likely not washed or cleaned very well after someone else .I wore shoes closed hours later and when I took them off ,the big toe on my left foot had marks in the nail polish and this shouldn't happen especially hours later.I was in the salon for over 3 hours ..ridiculous.There are so many salons around don't go there will cost you time and money. I am beyond disappointed .
Carla Spa Sanur, Duniabooking
Carla Spa Sanur
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